Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's been a little while since we've had an update here, but I've been busy, busy, busy. I'm still thrilled with how well my little indie company has been received, and I have two wonderful reviews by some great bloggers to share.

Tara from Polishy of Truth reviewed our Halloween polishes and Christina from reviewed our initial collection. Both bloggers took incredible photos; it was really amazing to see how they captured the depth of color & the textures!

The etsy store also has some new polishes: Muddy Paws, a silvery taupe with rainbow shimmer; Nymeria, a royal purple with gold created at the request of a friend; Winter Pansies, a mix of two purples, yellow, red, and dusty blue matte glitters; and of course both Howloween polishes.

Keep your eyes open for more reviews coming up in the near future! :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

More photos!

More preview photos! Chasing Squirrels In My Dreams (murky gray-green creme with purple shimmer) and Rolling in the Leaves (copper shimmer with blue, green, and gold glitters with blue shimmer). My fingers are awful for swatch photos, which is why you won't see them often. ;)

There will be a total of five polishes available; each will be $10 and a full set of 5 will be available for $45. The first five people to purchase the full set will receive a full-sized mystery polish free! Mark your calendars for September 1st!

Monday, August 20, 2012


We all know there are at least four, maybe half a dozen, variations on OPI's sought-after My Private Jet polish. The differences between them are incredibly striking! These aren't just small variations, they're full-on completely different polishes. For example, I recently compared my (highly pigmented black creme) version of MPJ to my friend's (brown, more sheer) version. They don't even look remotely similar!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sneak peek!

Here's an early look at two of the polishes coming to the PibblePolish etsy store in September! My polishes are all a tribute to my rescued pit bull, Moo. Despite her early life of neglect and abuse, Moo sees everyone and everything she meets as a chance to make a new friend (much to the cat's dismay!). Pit bulls are wonderful dogs with big hearts, big smiles, big personalities, and an unlimited talent for goofiness. My polishes are made with as much love and care as I devote to my dog; I hope you will enjoy wearing them as much as I've enjoyed making them.

Heart of Gold, a tribute to the pit bull's astonishing capacity for love and devotion:

 Faithful Friend, a bright, happy mix reminiscent of the big smiles and excited wags of a four-legged best friend:

More to come! Make sure to check out our etsy shop when we launch September 1!